Transposable Element Annotation Meeting (TEAM)


The Transposable Element Annotation Meeting (TEAM) was held at the McGill Bellairs Research Institute in Barbados from April 18 – 25, 2014. The tenth in a successful annual series on topics in computational biology, the meeting brought together sixteen genomics, biology, and bioinformatics researchers working in the field of transposable element identification, from researchers working on algorithm development to biologists expert on particular TE families. The intimate workshop consisted of a mix of talks and discussions. In addition to each participant presenting their own work, participants took part in discussion on the elaboration of standards and benchmarks for TE annotation. We believe that benchmarks are essential to help comparing the strengths and weaknesses of different approaches and to learn how to improve them. Our hope is that the ideas discussed and the work that follows will lead to an extremely valuable resource for the TE community as well as a high-impact publication.


Benchmark Proposals

For a refresher of what we discussed, please see the discussion topics and notes, as well as the blurb here. Then, please go to the benchmark proposals page to submit and review proposals. Let’s do it!



Revive and share your Barbados memories.


Original Website

For reference, the original invitation website.


(Compendium of TEAM posts.)


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  1. Douglas Hoen says:

    Welcome everyone! I hope summer has followed you home from Barbados. Please email me with any content that you would like to add to the website — especially benchmark proposals. Also, don’t hesitate to leave comments here or elsewhere on the site — again, especially regarding benchmark proposals (just click on “Benchmark Proposals”, above). We are looking forward to hearing from you.

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