Current students


Postdoctoral fellows

  • Glenn Hickey – PIATEA project
  • Douglas Hoen – PIATEA project

Ph.D. students

  • James Wagner (co-supervised by Tomi Pastinen). Population epigenomics
  • Mickael Leclercq (co-supervised by Abdoulaye Banire Diallo). Computational approaches to study miRNA prediction and evolution.
  • Christopher Cameron (co-supervised by Josée Dostie). Chromatin structure, gene expression and non-coding variants.
  • Pablo Cingolani (co-supervised by Rob Sladek). Interpretation of sequence variants.

Masters students

  • Ayrin Ahia-Tabibi. Identification of ancient transposable elements.

Undergraduate students

  • Willie Chang. Distinguishing direct from indirect protein-DNA interactions from Chip-Seq data.
  • Zhaohui Su. Identification of transcription factor interactions through ancestral genomics.
  • Matthew Trisic. Analysis of Hi-C data.

Visiting professors

  • Javad Sadri. Mashad University.