Benchmark Proposal #1

Benchmark for quality assessment of de novo repeat identification and genome annotation


Florian Maumus and Hadi Quesneville



Original Document

Benchmark_Proposal_URGI   (revision 22-Aug-14)



This dataset aims to help assessing the sensitivity and specificity of de novo repeat detection and annotation tools using the A. thaliana genome. It uses the coverage of known repeats as a proxy for sensitivity and the coverage of a simulated genome as a proxy of specificity.



Description Comments
Type Real and simulated
Primary Uses Measure sensitivity and specificity
Taxa Arabidopsis thaliana
Source F. Maumus
Documentation In progress
Version v0.1



Please see the original document for details (Word format) : Benchmark_Proposal_URGI .



Files are available for download from here : .


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6.              Flutre T, Duprat E, Feuillet C, Quesneville H: Considering transposable element diversification in de novo annotation approaches. PLoS One 2011, 6(1):e16526.

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  1. Douglas Hoen says:

    Thanks Florian! Are the “blue files” available for download?

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