Alumni… where they now?

  • Mathieu Lavallée-Adam (Ph.D. Computer Science in 2013, co-supervised by Benoit Coulombe). Computational analysis and interpretation of protein-protein interaction networks.
    → Now a postdoc in the Yates lab, Scripps Institute.
  • Mathieu Rousseau (Ph.D. Computer Science in 2011, co-supervised by Josee Dostie). Computational analysis of chromatin conformation using 3C and 5C data.
    → Now doing medicine residency.
  • Glenn Hickey (Ph.D. Computer Science in 2010). Ancestral sequence reconstructability.
    → Now at the Haussler Lab at UCSC.
  • Ethan Kim (Ph.D. Computer Science in 2011, co-supervised by Adrian Vetta). Deconvolution of AP-MS based protein-protein interation networks.
    →  Now at Google.
  • Emmanuel Mongin (Ph.D. Human Genetics in 2009, co-directed by Ken Dewar). Long-range regulation.
    → Now Associate director,  Council of Canadian Academies. 
  • Azin Sayad (M. Sc. Computer Science in 2011). Motif-discovery algorithms taking into account chromatin structure.
    → Now Senior Research Associate, Moffat Lab, U. of Toronto.
  • Victor Parmar (M. Sc. Computer Science in 2010). Turnover-aware transcription factor binding site prediction.
    → Now software consultant.
  • Javier Sanchez Galan (M. Sc. Computer Science in 2010). Genome-scale transcription factor binding prediction using over-representation.
    → Now researcher at Universidad Tecnológica de Panamá.
  • Martin Smith (M. Sc. Bioinformatics in 2009, U. of Montreal). Post transcriptional regulation in Leishmania.
    → Now a conjoint lecturer at Garvan Institute, Australia.
  • Haisu Zheng (M. Sc. Computer Science in 2009, project Option). User interface of the FootPrinter program.
    → Now … where??
  • Faiyaz Al Zamal (M. Sc. Computer Science in 2008, co-directed by Ted Perkins). Dynamics of regulatory networks.
    → Now at Microsoft.
  • Louis-Francois Handfield (M. Sc. Computer Science in 2008). From cis-regulatory modules to regulatory networks.
    → Now a PhD student in the Moses Lab at U. of Toronto
  • Ian Reid (M. Sc. Computer Science in 2007). Transcription factor binding site turnover.
    → Now bioinformatician at Concordia University
  • Eric Gaul. Genome rearrangement with partially assembled genomes.
    → Now CEGEP professor at Montmorency.
  • Abdoulaye Banire Biallo (Ph.D. Computer Science in 2008). Inference of insertions and deletions for ancestral genome reconstruction.
    → Now associate professor at UQAM university.
  • Eric Blais (M. Sc. Computer Science in 2006). Common substrings in random strings.
    → Now a postdoc at MIT.
  • Hui Chen (M. Sc. Computer Science in 2005). A comparative genomics approach to the detection of exonic splicing enhancers.
    → Now… where??
  • Xiaoyu Chen (M. Sc. Computer Science in 2005). Prediction of regulatory modules based on comparative genomics and tissue-specific expression.
    → Now bioinformatics scientist at Illumina.
  • Fei Fang (M. Sc. Computer Science in 2005). Algorithms for phylogenetic footprinting in semi-alignable data.
    → Now at Nuance.
  • Stephane Acoca (M. Sc. Biochemistry, Feb. 2005, co-directed by Gordon Shore). Computational approaches for the detection of apoptotic proteins.
    → Now… where??
  • Qian Yang (M. Sc. Computer Science, Feb. 2005). Comparative genomics algorithms for RNA sequence alignment and secondary structure prediction.
    → Now… where??
  • Leonid Chindelevitch (Undergraduate, Math and Computer Science). Algorithms for reconstructing ancestral genomic sequences.
    → Now a postdoc at the Harvard School of Health.